Postnatal Chiropractic

Postnatal Chiropractic

Postpartum Care for Mom

Our focus is to realign the pelvis so it can heal nicely.

postpartum chiropractic

The delivery itself can cause physical shifts. We make sure that everything is sitting in the correct position to help in recovery and minimize the recurrence of low back pain in the future.

The upper back and neck can also be a source of tension because of the change in load with carrying the baby, looking down and also with breastfeeding.

Aside from relieving post-partum aches and pains we also introduce simple exercises to help you regain some strength and stability around the lower back and pelvis.

The following are key points for mom:

  • Realign pelvic structures after birth to minimize low back pain episodes
  • Manage upper back and neck pain from breastfeeding/carrying baby
  • Strategies/exercises to regain strength/stability.

The following are key points for baby:

  • Common baby issues include challenges with breastfeeding, sleep, quality, gas, spitting up, discomfort in certain positions
  • Align/balance structures following birth for overall health/well-being
  • A natural approach to symptoms associated with infantile fussiness.

Our postnatal Chiropractors will make sure you are feeling as strong as you felt before the baby.