Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Safe Effective Gentle Treatment For Mom and Babe

Dr. Amy’s treatments are gentle yet very effective combination of prenatal techniques and soft tissue movements. Many patients are surprised how gentle and subtle the adjustments are.

Dr. Amy demonstrates a prenatal Chiro treatment

There are specific techniques that are used for adjusting the pregnant body, that are specific to physical demands the body is under and the physiological changes that take place. Our Chiros will take you through a comprehensive assessment, provide a thorough and clear explanation of the cause of your condition, and start you on a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Special pregnancy pillows are used to provide comfort and allow moms to lie face down to get assessed and adjusted.
The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, who certifies practitioners in the Webster technique, also trains doctors in caring for/adjusting pregnant women, infants and children. Special pregnancy pillows are used to provide comfort and allow moms to lie face down to get assessed and adjusted. Different modifications are made the adjusting techniques which are gentle and safe for both mom and baby.

More and more mamas are recognizing the health benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy. Mothers who seek chiropractic care throughout pregnancy often report experiencing overall feelings of well-being, health, and comfort during pregnancy, birth and even recovery postpartum. 

Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting time for expecting moms. It is also a time of great change, especially when it comes to your body. During pregnancy numerous physiological and biomechanical changes and demands are being placed on your body. Chiropractic care can help mamas adapt to these changes by balancing the body, improving nervous system function and easing aches and pains. This can allow for a healthy, more comfortable pregnancy, promote optimal birth positioning and allow for an easier delivery.

Safe during any stage of pregnancy

 Chiropractic care is very safe throughout all trimesters of pregnancy, even the first trimester.The treatments utilized during pregnancy are very specific to needs of a pregnant patient. ManyMamas that come in are surprised at how gentle the treatments are.  These gentle treatments arevery effective in relieving the pain and discomfort mamas will often feel during their pregnancy. As your body grows and changes you will undergo an increase in joint laxity, a change in your center of gravity and increased stress on your joints. Our treatments can be gentle yet extremely effective. As a result we can relieve the pain and discomfort you feel while keeping your baby safe and happy. However, it is important to seek out a chiropractor who has additional training through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). These chiropractors have a variety of techniques (including the Webster technique), we can help rebalance the pelvis and spine and help you feel healthy and well throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Reducing Low back, Hip or Pelvic Pain 

Low back, hip or pelvic pain are some of the most common complaints from women seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy. This is no surprise, you’re carrying a little person who is growing and changing on a daily basis. Often imbalances that are present before pregnancy, and may have not been symptomatic can become more pronounced or develop for a variety of reasons:

  • Ligaments, which attach the uterus to the sacrum (uterosacral ligament), can pull the sacrum to an anterior position, resulting in low backSI jointhip or gluteal pain and sometimes sciatica. 
  • If the pelvis is not balanced, tension through the round ligaments may result. This can cause pain over the pubic bone and pelvic area.
  • An increase in the lumbar curve can develop, placing stress on the low back, as your baby grows and your center of gravity changes.
  • Hormones (relaxin) produced during pregnancy allow your ligaments to loosen so that the pelvis can expand and accommodate for baby during pregnancy and birth. This can make pregnant women more prone to aches, pains or injury.

Chiropractic care can restore optimal alignment to the pelvis and spine which decreases stress on the joints and ligaments, making for a much more comfortable pregnancy. Postural education, stretches or strengthening exercises may also be recommended to help strengthen, balance and prepare you for labour.