Baby and Infant Checkups

Babies & Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is very beneficial for your baby. We often see newborns in the office who range from a few days old to the first month or two after they are born. We check for alignment, position and tension patterns in their neck and spine to ensure your little one’s spine is moving properly. This allows for optimal nervous system function as they grow and develop.

The nervous system is the main regulator of how our body functions and communicates with itself. If the spine is not moving properly then the nervous system may not communicate as effectively with the rest of the body. In an infant this may present itself as issues with feeding, digestion, sleep and even fussiness or colic. Even if there are no issues present, it’s always good to just come in for a check-up to ensure proper alignment. The calming effect that chiropractic care has on the nervous system and restoring biomechanical balance has clinically shown to help with:

  • Difficulty Breastfeeding or tilting of the head to one side (Torticollis) Often babies will have difficulty feeding or a preference for one side. This can commonly be caused by tight muscles which make feeding on one side uncomfortable for baby. By adjusting the spine muscle tension is decreased and normal motion is restored allowing for baby to feed comfortably on both sides.
  • Fussiness /Digestive Problems/Reflux/Sleep Due to the calming effect that chiropractic can have on the nervous system, it is often reported in just a few treatments that there is a decrease in fussiness, digestive issues, reflux, with increased reports of sleeping after chiropractic care.
  • They seem uncomfortable in certain positions Often certain positions are just not comfortable for babies. This can happen if their spine is out of balance. For example, lying on their back may cause discomfort if the lower back or sacrum is not moving optimally. Or they may not be able to turn their head from side to side with ease if their neck has a restriction.
  • Overall health and wellness 

Causes of Misalignment of an Infant or Child’s Spine

Birth places stress not only on you but also your baby’s. This stress can cause misalignment of the spine in your little one. Birth complications such as long labours, very fast labour, interventions during delivery or even restricted movement within the womb may also contribute to spinal restrictions.

Chiropractic is Safe for Babies

Specific techniques will be used that are gentle, safe and effective to meet your little ones needs. Chiropractic adjustments for infants use no more pressure than you would apply when touching your own eyelid or testing a ripe tomato with your finger.

Developmental Milestones:

Outside of coming in for either an infant check-up or any concerns that you may have, we recommend following up for the following developmental milestones. This can help ensure optimal nervous system function and bio mechanical balance as they grow and develop.

  • Rolling over: If there is a restriction in the low back or pelvis it can prevent baby from comfortably rolling equally from side to side. We want to make sure there is balance in the body.
  • Crawling:  This is a significant milestone in regards to development of correct cross/crawl motor patterns which is important for neurological development. It is also crucial in the development of the curve in the low back. This is an important transition as baby has spent nine month in utero in a curled or flexed position, and has been slowly transitioning out of this since birth. Often babies will seem uncomfortable during tummy time and this would be a good time to come in!
  • Learning to walk: As babies learn to stabilize themselves and walk, restrictions in the low back or sacrum can cause imbalances or make it physically uncomfortable for them. Minor bumps and falls also become a regular part of life, so it’s a great time to come in for a check -up.

When Can I Bring My Little One in For a Checkup?

It’s typical that these small issues that arise after birth are taken care of after a few treatments. Moms often comment on their baby sleeping for longer periods of time, being less fussy and feeding better. This can make such a huge impact on those first few weeks and months for both baby and the family! Moms’ ask in those last few weeks of pregnancy when the best time is for them to bring in the baby. The youngest we’ve seen is 3 days old and we are always amazed to see them so quick! Typically weI’ll see the little ones within the first month or so because it takes about that long for mom to get out of the house.