Postnatal Care for Mom

There are a few common reasons why mom returns to the office after baby comes. The first of course is to show off their new bundle of joy!

Postnatal Chiropractic Care


Just as during pregnancy, your body (and life!) is undergoing a lot of changes after the birth of your baby. Postural changes that were happening during pregnancy are also changing again with your post–partum body. There is also the physical stress and tension that comes with breastfeeding and holding your little one constantly (tight upper back, neck and shoulders). Physiological changes are still taking place as well. Changes in connective tissue and shifting of your pelvis during labour and birth can cause misalignment of the spine that can leave you feeling not quite like yourself.

Chiropractic can help maintain balance and alignment, helping you to adapt to these changes with your new life with baby.  Maintaining this balance of your spine and especially your pelvis can really help in the recovery process. Optimal alignment is so important when regaining the connection with your core, pelvic floor and breath. This is fundamental to regaining core stability and function. Chiropractic care can help tremendously during recovery:

  • By coming in for postnatal chiropractic care new moms can help reduce any neck or mid back tension associated with carrying and breastfeeding baby.
  • Through postural education and alignment we can help promote optimal recovery for your pelvic floor and core muscles (abdominal separation).
  • By providing gentle core stability, guidance, resources and adjustments we can help ensure safe return to your normal activities.
  • Through treatment and assessment we can help in the prevention of reoccurring hip, low back or pelvic pain.

It can be so hard with a newborn to even think about your needs at all. We understand because we’ve been there too! However, we can help with that transition to new mama by keeping you feeling healthy, well and like yourself again.

Common Issues with Infants

Some common issues are favoring one side for breastfeeding, sometimes this is a result of imbalance in the muscles in the neck, making it more comfortable to turn to one side versus the other. Other issues may include poor sleep quality, excessive spitting up, or discomfort with going to the bathroom or lying in certain position. Fussy babies also tend to respond very well to chiropractic treatments as it can have a significant calming effect on the nervous system.

How Infant Assesments are Done

The pressure used to treat the tissues in an infant is no more than the pressure you would use to test a ripe tomato. Most of the assessment and treatment can be done in mom or dads arms or by placing the babes on the parent’s tummies, so both can feel connected and comfortable.

When Can I Bring My Little One in For a Checkup?

It’s typical that these small issues that arise after birth are taken care of after a few treatments. Moms often comment on their baby sleeping for longer periods of time, being less fussy and feeding better. This can make such a huge impact on those first few weeks and months for both baby and the family! Moms’ ask in those last few weeks of pregnancy when the best time is for them to bring in the baby. The youngest I’ve seen is 3 days old and I’m always amazed to see them so quick! Typically I’ll see the little ones with in the first month or so because it takes about that long for mom to get out of the house.