Why do children come to the chiropractor?

There are a few main reasons why we see kids in the office. Beyond infant check-ups and help with colic, sleep, digestive issues, we often recommend bringing your little one in as they go through developmental milestones.

  • Rolling – making sure your baby is rolling to each side – some parents notice the baby rolls only to the right or the left. This can be due to restricted movement in the pelvic joints
  • Crawling – this process is very important in developing the lumbar curve that we as adults have in the lowest part of our spines. After your baby has spent months in the curled forward position (in utero and as an infant being cradled/changed/sitting in their carrier) this is an important transition. You may find your baby seems uncomfortable on their tummy.
  • Learning to walk – There sure is a bit of trial and error with this one ;) The impact on the lower back with constant loading (falling onto the bum) can cause the joints to get stuck or injured.

Past infantile stage there are a few common reasons why parents bring their children to the office.

One is minor “traumas” related to kids being kids. Rough and tumble play can leave your child complaining of pain or soreness. Those minor traumas and rapid growth during childhood have the potential to build up and lead to issues later in life. In a non-emergent situation the chiropractor is a great place to bring your child for an assessment of the musculoskeletal system to keep their growing bodies healthy and moving well.

Oftentimes parents bring their child to the chiropractor for specific issues like growing pains, headaches, scoliosis, chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies etc. We always tell parents that there is a place for both the medical system and complimentary alternative medicine for conditions like these and often both have a place in managing them. We never hesitate to tell parents to have these types of conditions assessed from both perspectives so we can determine what the best treatment approach is for their child.

Athletics in the younger population is often connected to chiropractic care. When it comes to competitive sports manual techniques like manipulation and soft tissue work are so effective in helping with recovery from injury and sport performance. Little hockey players, dancers, gymnasts are frequent visitors.

When treating a child, their age, size and specific issues are always taken into consideration. The manual techniques we use for children are gentle and safe taking into account their special needs and limitations.