Better Delivery

So why does chiropractic care help with delivery?

It’s just like training for a marathon. If you take the time to prepare your body in the weeks leading up to race day your body will work better for you. When it comes to labour keeping the joints in your pelvis balanced and moving will allow them to move with more ease and comfort during delivery. The structures that we work on with prenatal chiropractic care have a direct connection to the uterus.

Here’s a little anatomy…There is a string like support structure that connects your uterus to your tailbone… the uterosacral ligament. The growth and position of your baby affects the movement and position of your tailbone throughout pregnancy. Your tailbone has a moving joint on either side… the Sacroiliac joints. The key for labour is to have these structures freely moving so that they can move with ease for the baby to pass through the pelvis.
The techniques we use to help train these structures to stay balanced and mobile are very gentle and specific to pregnancy. My patients are often surprised at how gentle and non-invasive their treatments are.

Check out the video to see what its’ like to get adjusted while you are pregnant.